Established in 2020

We are involved in developing customized products and services related to Terrace Gardening in which terrace can be filled with wide variety of annuals and perennial plants such as ornamental, vegetables, fruits, climbers and creepers. We provide complete terrace setup from assembly of grow pods with growbags, soil, manure, compost and plants, it involves drip irrigation with automated irrigation system, automation in drip irrigation is done based on timers or soil moisture sensor based control system. We provide products and services for Indoor Gardening which is based on growing plants with artificial lighting systems, indoor plants provide oxygen by absorbing carbon-di-oxide and remove various other indoor pollutants. Fabrication for Poly House and Net House setup is done for protecting the plants and also provide a better environment to enhance its growth. We are engaged in providing Intelligent Garden Lights used for  indoor garden with motion sensor based switching and solar based charging for outdoors. We provide services on IoT related Systems for recording and transmitting data retrieved from specialized growth apparatus for Plant Research.                                                                                 


To accelerate the process of growing Plants with innovation and sustainability


We believe that one day Plants over do the need for a healthy ecosystem.